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From the comfort of your home or office, even in your pajamas or underwear (don’t worry, we’ll stay dressed!)





remote support

No need to leave the comfort of your home–or even get dressed–for world class repair!

We’ll fix all your computer problems, priced as low as $29.99 per half hour.

Our low price guarantee: after one hour, we stop charging. You will not be charged more than two half hour increments, and there is never any up-sell or additional charges EVER!

Software Installs

Got a new fancy piece of software, but no idea how it get it working on your device? We specialize in software installation of all kinds. We will get your new software installed and working on whatever type of device you have.

Tune-up & Optimization

Is your machine running slowly? It’s probably way overdue for a good “scrubbing”! We will optimize your PC, laptop, Mac, or any other device you may have, so that it runs as well as the day you bought it.

Virus Removal

We can clean up viruses, malware, adware, spyware, and any other type of bug infecting your system. We also will better secure your device so it is better protected against future attacks.

General Repair

We can fix just about any issue you’re having on your PC, laptop, Mac, and more. So long as the issue is not related to hardware, we can repair whatever ails your device, making it work as good as new.

Get in touch with one of our repair experts today!

Viruses, slow performance, new software installs: we do it all! No need to drag that device of yours clear across town to some seedy repair shop. Our experts can repair your PC, laptop, Mac, and more, all remotely, wherever in the world you are.


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My Fixed PC Remote Repair

PC repair from the comfort of your pajamas! Questions? Get in touch by using the form below or by using our live chat feature.


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